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SOC Gains Ground in Court Against Wal-Mart

SOC.. has won at least a temporary victory in Los Angeles County Superior Court. SOC had filed suit against Wal-Mart and the City of Rosemead earlier this year, challenging bout a dozen points contained in thie environmental impact report for the project.

On Thurdsay (June 30), Judge Andrew Yaffe ordered a halt to all activity related to the Wal-Mart development until the company and the city correct inadequacies that he identified in two sections of the report.

What an Election!

LA Times Story

Letters to the Editor

Late news: the latest news is that Polly Low came in fourth, beating William Alarcon.

Rosemead Residents Fight WalMart Plans

Taken from http://www.walmartwatch.com/neighbor/view.cfm?id=1585

Rosemead Residents Fight WalMart Plans

December 9, 2002

The San Gabriel Valley Tribune, a general circulation California newspaper, published, on December 9, 2002, an excellent synopsis of one of Wal*Marts latest plans to ruin a perfectly good neighborhood -- and of local residents organized opposition to it. The article is, generally speaking, quite accurate.

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