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"I'm Batman!"

According to the Los Angeles Times, non-Chinese candidates for office can give themselves pretty much any Chinese name they want. If I ever run for office, I'm going to ask for the name, "Batman."

The Fornicator

I don't by any means condone the actions of the former governator, but, really, how blind and stupid must Maria have been? Cheetahs don't change their spots. If you marry a cheater, you have to expect some cheating.


Former TC Mayor Judy Wrong (er, Wong) is now an ex-con, having been released early from her incarceration for bribery and corruption.

The Bin Laden, The

The post's title is just a little Simpson's humor.

The other irreverent thing I was thinking over the last day was, "Yeah, Trump can be proud of the fact that he got President Obama to release his long form birth certificate, but Obama can be proud that he got Osama bin Laden to die."

Why Republicans Seem Racist

Stupid OC Republicans. Not being one myself, I don't even see the humor in their stupid "cartoon." But if I did see the humor, and if I were a responsible politic

Healthy, But Failed Math

One sometimes-nice thing about Yahoo is that their home page links to stories that are sometimes interesting. Today, I learned that sitting is bad for your health.

Free IHOP Pancakes on Tuesday, March 1

The local paper tipped me off to free IHOP pancakes tomorrow. Of course, IHOP will probably be pretty packed tomorrow, so it's a trade off between saving a few bucks (after all, two pancakes at Denny's are just $2!) in exchange for a possibly long wait. But if you have more time than money. . . .

WC = Toilet

In England, when someone talks about the "WC," they mean "Water Closet," or toilet. I just mention this because West Covina is talking about putting a big "WC" in the hills above West Covina.

Despite the headline, I'm pretty sure they mean the letters and not the toilet.

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