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Pay Disclosure

A new state law will require city council members to disclose in public how much they are being paid for those 5 and 10 minute CDC meetings they hold.

It's a step towards greater transparency.

Vehicle License Fee

Probably more information than most supposedly informed voters care to hear, but there's an article in the LA Times on the recent cut in the Vehicle License Fee.

Quick Justice

The purported commander of a purported army was sentenced Wednesday to three years in state prison.

If George W. Bush thinks you're a lightweight. . . ?

Today's Los Angeles Times has a story regarding the rocky relationship between former President George W. Bush, and Rick Perry, the Texas governor who succeeded W. I get a kick out of how W supposed regards Perry as a "political lightweight."

Stuff on Digital TV

Recently, I've given a few lectures on the fragmentation of the broadcast audience. Most of that was due to satellite and cable tv supplanting national networks in the 1980s and 1990s. However, with the advent of digital broadcasting, the physical limitations on the number of broadcast outlets in a given market are largely lifted.

Many, Many, Many Concerts in the Park

Tribune has a list of many free area concerts this summer. Elvis seems to be making a lot of local appearances.

Roger Hernandez Announces for Congress

Today's Tribune has Roger Hernandez running for the east San Gabriel Valley congressional seat that would probably be assigned to long-time Republican David Drier.

He sounds like an intellectual

I found this article in the LA Times interesting. I never heard of the term, "intellectual stammer," but if Meghan Daum is right about what folks are saying about Obama's speaking ability, she's on to something.

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