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Reagan Statute now leans to the right. Just like Ron used to.

Funny picture accompanying this LA Times article, of a thief or vandal (my money is on metal scavengers, the same type that stole all the tree planter grates on Valley Blvd last year):
Reagan Statue.

More Rick Perry

I hate picking on Rick Perry, because he's such a pinhead that I can't imagine him beating Obama in November, so I would really like to see him get the nomination. But watch this video and see if he does not, in fact, appear to be drunk as he delivers this speech.


Are you kidding me? Is Rick Perry trying to sound like an idiot, or does it just come natural?


In addition to the killer mosquitoes I mentioned in my last post, there are also very large cats -- Mountain lions -- roaming the streets of Sierra Madre.

U-Visas and Rep. Judy Chu

Large story in the LA Times, with a large photo of Rep. Judy Chu at the top.

Free Breakfast, though no where close

Saw on the L.A. Times website that Chick-fil-a is offering a free breakfast this week. Read the article, then probably find their website and read up on where they might be. I don't know of any immediately adjacent to Rosemead.

Someone in Rosemead may be rich

The SGV Tribune reports that someone bought a $300,000+ winning lottery ticket at Vito's Liquor, 2125 N. San Gabriel Blvd. I'm pretty sure this is in unincorporated South San Gabriel, but their mailing address is Rosemead. Don't know where the ticket buyer actually lives.

New Redistricting Commission Lines

The new proposal for congressional district lines coming from the redistricting commission no longer has an Asian influence district in the San Gabriel Valley. The Asian areas near Rosemead (Alhambra, Monterey Park, etc) are no longer merged with places like Hacienda Heights and Rowland Heights.

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