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What affordable housing?

The story headline in the Tribune says that cutting the redevelopment agencies has "dealt a blow" to affordable housing in El Monte. Yet, when you read the actual story, you discover there has been virtually no low income housing developed for families in the entire history of the program in El Monte.

Savings to City Budgets by Cutting Commissions

We'll see if they actually do it, but West Covina is considering cutting city commissions to save money.

Fresh and Easy still in the red

Last year, their U.S. stores lost over $1 million each. This year, the loss is "just" $600,000 or so each. ($113 million in losses, spread over 177 stores). That's not a sustainable business model.

Lots of Candidates in the 49th

Story from a few weeks ago in the SGV Journal.

Lots of Democrats, a couple of Republicans, and nearly all current or former elected officials.

Republicans Prefer Blonds

Yahoo! has a story on the role of candidate wives in recent commercials for their would-be-President husbands. Can't help notice that they're all blonds.

10,000 still without power

That would major-league suck.

Feng Shui can save your house

"The area has notably fewer trees than neighboring towns. A lot were torn out in a recent mansion-building boom, said city spokesman Brian Haworth. Many of the mansion owners are Chinese immigrants with a faith in feng shui. They build their homes without trees near the front to allow more energy to enter."

Wal-Mart Brings Out the Best in Everyone

The annual police blotter for Wal-Marts around the country gets longer and crazier every year. This year, it was "competitive shopping" where a shopper armed with pepper spray used chemical warfare to force her fellow shoppers out of her way.

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