Temple City News

Mt Baldy from North of Glendora

Mt. Baldy from 3397 foot peak on ridge between Big and Little Dalton Canyons, North of Glendora

More snow--January 29, 2010: Mt. Baldy and San Bernardino Mountains from 3397" peak on ridge between Big and Little Dalton Canyons, North of Glendora.

SGV News at Risk

Whether you like the SGVN papers or not, it's always sad to see the continued decline of newspapers, and Dean Singleton, owner of the SGVN, is facing bankruptcy.

Ron Kaye at the LA Progressive writes about this.

The demand for news hasn't declined, but ad revenues have. The problem we're facing is paying the writers and researchers to produce the news. Contrary to what "crowdsourcers" say, it takes a lot of work to be a professional journalist. This has to be figured out.

Free Flu Shots for Old Folks, Young Folks, and Sick Folks

Thursday, September 24, at Live Oak Park Community Center in Temple City, 9am to 11:30am. If you're over 50 or older than 18 months and 18 years old or younger, or if you have a chronic illness that compromises your immune system, they'll shoot you for free. If not, you gotta go someplace else.

San Fernando: Temple City of the "Other" Valley

I don't know how these things happen, but, apparently, San Fernando has a Temple City-like problem: Too many bridal shops.

The Temple City Kazoo Orchestra - Spach Kazoostra

This one was popular on the Dr. Demento show on KMET.  The host is Mike Douglas.

Temple City Burning

When you drive through Temple City, do you see many magnolia trees? Just wondering, because, recently, reading about crimes in T.C. makes you feel like you’re in Mississippi in the 1960s.