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San Gabriel River Discovery Center Wins Approval

No surprise here, since the approving body was created specifically to build the Discovery Center.

The SGV Tribune story in advance of this meeting kind of made it sound like it was a "discussion" rather than an "approval" meeting.

SGV News at Risk

Whether you like the SGVN papers or not, it's always sad to see the continued decline of newspapers, and Dean Singleton, owner of the SGVN, is facing bankruptcy.

Ron Kaye at the LA Progressive writes about this.

The demand for news hasn't declined, but ad revenues have. The problem we're facing is paying the writers and researchers to produce the news. Contrary to what "crowdsourcers" say, it takes a lot of work to be a professional journalist. This has to be figured out.

Taco Nazo Review

Teenage Glutster ranks Taco Nazo #5.

Well, not just the Glutster but also a few cohorts who decided to clamp down on this out-of-control Yelpery that's turned every damned blogger into a food critic.