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Montebello Has A Felon On Its Council

Montebello City Councilman Robert Urteaga is a CONVICTED FELON. 

You can get the facts on as well as the latest information on the fight to keep Montebello out of the hands of greedy, special interest Athens Disposal Services.

Clean up our city?!

Hmmm.  Missing for eight years, and you're right next to a freeway?  Maybe Caltrans should clear their brush more often!

Sanitation Workers and Montebello Residents to Protest Trash Hauler Exclusivity on Thursday

[I just got this press release in my inbox. It's from the Teamsters.]

Sanitation Workers and Residents to Deliver Petitions to Montebello City Hall Urging that Vote Granting Trash Hauler Exclusive Rights be Rescinded

While trash pick-up fees for residents will increase, workers doing the trash pick-up lose out

WHAT: A delegation of sanitation workers and Montebello City residents will deliver thousands of petitions this Thursday to the Montebello City Clerk’s Office. The petitions urge the council to overturn a July 23rd vote in which they approved to grant exclusive rights to Athens Services. The decision makes Athens Services the only waste disposal company allowed to do business in the city, leaving nearly a dozen independent haulers, most of which provided their workers good wages and benefits to find work elsewhere.

Can the Montebello Hills Project Succeed in this Market?

42year and centaur both brought up the real estate market in their arguments, for and against the MH development. What is the real situation with the market? I know it's very down right now, but, I also hear that the upper end is still holding up. (Not sure what upper end is though. Is a 1 million dollar house high end?)

Montebello Hills EIR Scoping Meetings

I'm attaching an announcement (in .pdf format) for a couple of EIR scoping meetings concerning the Montebello Hills project.  For those who don't have Adobe Acrobat, here are the basics:  the contact is Michael A.


Sponsored by the Save the Montebello Hills Task Force of the Sierra Club (Angeles Chapter).  Family event, coloring contests, speakers and presentations.

Taylor Ranch House (corner of La Merced and Montebello), 10am - 2pm.

Montebello Recall Election

Montebello voters overwhelmingly recalled councilman Jeff Sicama, 72% YES to 28% NO. He will be succeeded by former Montebello councilwoman Mary Anne Saucedo.

MUSD Election Results, HS dropout rates, AP vs Vocational, LNCB

Election Results

Scores in the Rosemead schools are strong, so it's go