Deputy Dog David Perea, The Mayor of Charlotte Avenue

David Perea, beloved husband, father, and grandfather, passed away on February 14.  He turned 68 that very day.

Our condolances and prayers are with his family.

We'll miss you, Dave.

Funeral arrangements have been made.  I've posted a message from Barbara Murphy that includes that information in the "comment" section below.

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Article about Jim Flournoy's work on the earthquake fault issue:

Cached version at:


An older story, but I love that quote from Sam Yue:  "There are no changes to our preparations.  We are going to assume the worst and continue our campaign."  As I said a few weeks ago, it really says something about your candidate when "the worst" would be to have to stand before the voters in an election.  So much better to play duck and cover, eh?


SOC collected some 4100 signatures, surpassing the required 3500, to get the recall they're demanding. Now, the field is wide open to replace Jay Imperial and Gary Taylor. It's expected that several candidates will run, including candidates not endorsed by SOC.

The Recall is Underway

The recall of Jay Imperial and Gary Taylor is underway. As always, we need as many volunteers as possible walking. Help clean Rosemead up! To help out, contact the team at 272-0737.

SOC Election Endorsements!

SOC is endorsing the following candidates for Rosemead City Council. Due to the unresponsiveness and lack of respect we've gotten from the incumbent members, we're looking for change.

Polly Low - she's a write-in candidate, so you will need to mark the ballot as a write in, then write her name, Polly Low, on the envelope they provide.

John Tran - President of the Garvey School District board. A young guy who grew up in Rosemead and has been a part of this community all his life.

John Nunez - the most experienced of the trio, and a current member of the Alhambra high school district board. Another long-time Rosemead resident.

"A new broom sweeps clean."

The Signatures are on Their Way

I know you've been looking for information about the referendum. This site's been silent, as not to jinx the signatures.

On Wednesday the 13th, the clerk recorded 2615 signatures.

Now, it's in their hands. They can set the voting date for this issue. I can be on a special ballot, but, most people suspect it will be on the March ballot, to reduce cost.

SGV Tribune, Oct 11, Mailers strike nerve in Wal-Mart opponents

This article was published on the front page of the Star and Tribune.

Mailers strike nerve in Wal-Mart opponents

By Jason Kosareff , Staff Writer

ROSEMEAD -- Targets of a series of mailers accusing Wal-Mart opponents of deceit are steamed over what they call lies and racial antagonism.

The latest of the four mailers to arrive in mailboxes Thursday reads: "Have you been tricked The out of town anti-Wal*Mart forces are paying petition circulators $5 per signature. To get those signatures they have been lying about the purpose of the petitions.'

Wal-Mart Supercenter Gets Foot in the Door

This article originally appeared in the September 9 LA Times.

Wal-Mart Supercenter Gets Foot in the Door

By David Pierson, Times Staff Writer

Wal-Mart on Wednesday won a long-sought foothold in a region fraught with political opposition to its expansion when the city of Rosemead approved the retail giant's plans to build its first Supercenter in Los Angeles County.

The vote came after weeks of debate in the city 12 miles east of downtown Los Angeles as labor leaders, local politicians and community groups tried to persuade the City Council that such a store would depress wages and hurt the economy.