The Clintons versus Obama

This is a very interesting blog by a very smart, clever attorney, and yes, who happens to be African-American, hence the title (sarcasm and irony) of his very popular blog, "the field negro" (which was recommended by Katie Couric, of all people).

There is a quote from this article that kind of encapsulates what the article is about.....["What's that saying? "the enemy of my enemy is my friend"? It was a friendship of convenience if you will"....]

American flag folding banned at national cemetaries?

Will somebody please stop the PC police for their own good????

ROSEMEAD — Two men who are suing Rosemead for unpaid wages said "intimidation" and "fear" pervade City Hall

Here is yet another article from this Jennifer McLain person.  Doesn't sound like she tries very hard to be objective or get the other's side opinion, although with lawsuits, city managers "cannot" talk about pending litigation (that's just standard), so sometimes it appears the plantiffs are in the right.  I hope I got the link correct this time.

L.A. County Deputies Held Arrest Contests

Arrest Contests article at USA Today

This is just sick.  It happened at a station in Lakewood.  Let's make sure it never happens here. 

[Edit by Zebra24601–I added a link to an LA Times article on the same issue. Wasn’t sure how to use the link you provided]

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Save Monster Park

The City of San Gabriel is planning to develop the old "Monster Park" or "Dragon Park". This was one of my favorite parks when I was a small child. It's a unique sand pit full of giant concrete slides sculpted in a ocean theme, and climbing toys that you don't really see anymore. If you're new to the area, even if you are an adult, you really need to check it out. Kids really like the climbing opportunities!

See: Save Monster Park and sign the petition!

Save Our Community Saves the Day!!!

Please read the article in today's Tribune regarding Wal-Mart's blatant violations against the law.  Everyone must obey the law, even Wal-Mart!  Here's the link --

Rosemead Recall Election Date Set: Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Rosemead City Council met in special session yesterday, Tuesday, June 6.  At that meeting, Councilmembers Jay Imperial and Margaret Clark were joined by Mayor Gary Taylor in voting to set the recall election date on Tuesday, September 19, 2006.  Councilmember John Tran and Mayor Pro Temp John Nunez voted no on the September 19 election date.  They preferred August 29, which was the date that the city clerk had reported she could have the city ready for an election, with a cushion of four days to meet any unforeseen developments.