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Vulcan Comment Period Extended

Today's SGV Tribune reports that the comment period for the Vulcan mining proposal in Azusa has been extended to Feb. 20.

See the story below for additional information and links about this proposal.

Vulcan Mining in Azusa

Fish Canyon Falls

This is one of those stories that doesn't directly affect Rosemead or the cities immediately around us, but it does indirectly affect all of us.

Mt Baldy from North of Glendora

Mt. Baldy from 3397 foot peak on ridge between Big and Little Dalton Canyons, North of Glendora

More snow--January 29, 2010: Mt. Baldy and San Bernardino Mountains from 3397" peak on ridge between Big and Little Dalton Canyons, North of Glendora.

Rally to Save the Last Car Factory in California

This is really sad. The UAW is having a rally on Saturday the 23rd at 10:00 AM in front of Wondries Toyota to ask Toyota not to shut down the NUMMI plant in Fremont.

The plant was a joint venture with GM, and I guess GM's troubles are affecting that factory, which is the last car factory in California.

New Alhambra Blog (sort of)

Alhambra Source is a new website about Alhmabra. It's a project of the Annenberg School at USC, and has youth doing some local journalism.

SGV News at Risk

Whether you like the SGVN papers or not, it's always sad to see the continued decline of newspapers, and Dean Singleton, owner of the SGVN, is facing bankruptcy.

Ron Kaye at the LA Progressive writes about this.

The demand for news hasn't declined, but ad revenues have. The problem we're facing is paying the writers and researchers to produce the news. Contrary to what "crowdsourcers" say, it takes a lot of work to be a professional journalist. This has to be figured out.

Alhambra gets some good news

The SGV headline says "San Gabriel," but the story says "Alhambra." Anyway, the YMCA in Alhambra got a visit from the folks at ESPN gameday, Home Depot, and hundreds of YMCA volunteers to get a new playground.

There's a fair chance we'll see this story during coverage of the BCS title game on Thursday.