Special Council Meeting Friday 4/25 at 6:00 PM

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At the conclusion of Tuesday's rather eventful council meeting, Mayor John Tran announced a special session of the City Council to be held this Friday at 6 PM in the conference room at City Hall (not at the RCRC).  It is being held to specifically discuss the issue of converting the R-2-zoned residences in southwestern Rosemead to R-1.  This modification of the draft General Plan was proposed by Councilmember Low and adopted by Council for inclusion in the draft Environmental Impact Report for the proposed new General Plan.  It would appear from the agenda item title -"Reconsideration of land use designation of southwest quadrant from medium density residential to low density residential" - that the proposal has hit a snag.

Note that there are no other items on the agenda beyond Public Comments.  The agenda can be found here: http://www.cityofrosemead.org/Portals/0/City%20Agenda/CC%204-25-08.pdf

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4/25 Council Meeting

And hit a snag it had.  John opened the meeting by saying that he wanted to vacate the proposed R-R-2 to R-1 density reduction.  After a brief discussion and a segue into the fact that both John Nuñez and Maggie Clark have interests (i.e., homes) in that area, and how it could hypothetically affect a vote on the issue, the councilmembers came to a consensus and that amendment to the draft general plan was officially removed from consideration.

Short version: R-2 stays R-2.
(For those interested, it was decided that John's and Maggie's interests were not relevant in this case, as it was still in the EIR development stage and had not yet hit formalization.)

Special Council Meeting

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